Local Info

Local Info

A local’s guide to NEWPORT RHODE ISLAND:

I moved to Newport in 1979 and lived for a while on West Narragansett Avenue. In 1986 we moved out of town to Middletown. We liked Middletown because it was quieter at night where Newport can sometimes be really noisy. We were able to still get into town very quickly for dinner or to see friends. It worked for us and we think it will work for a lot of other people too.


This is where the action is. Crowds and lots and lots to do. There is a nack to getting in and out of town and missing the traffic and we will be posting more information about this as we develop this website.


Great schools and wonderful beaches. Restaurants that are as good as Newport’s without the crazy crowds.

Within easy access (1/2 mile or less) to our house is the Polo Center where there is a dry cleaner, chinese restaurant, bank, hairdresser etc.. There are also many really cool places that are easy to access from the house.

Bagels Boys

Sea Shai Japanese Restaurant

A GREAT seafood market and a meat market


The town to the north with some nice things to see. Quieter still than Middletown.


You are just a few miles from the island – a great place for a trip.